Friday, April 17, 2009

Online Jobs- Earn Money on the Internet

Ever since I had my internet connection, I always dreamed of getting an online job. I was saying to myself that it would suit me perfectly. I have the talent; windows mastery, excellent typing speed, and internet savvy. I have the discipline to meet deadlines. I can deal fairly with people from diverse cultures. My fulltime job would allow it, I work 15 days per month only. I have the financial need for it. I was thinking that a part-time online job could augment my income. With two kids to feed and send to school, earning a few bucks would really help nowadays. Most of all I love writing jobs. An added bonus would be working at the comforts of my own home.
I like the idea of waking up on pajamas and heading straight for work. No time wasted for commuting, driving, changing clothes, I could even take my breakfast while working, etc. Sometimes you even get to work at your own phase and I could supervise my little kids while I work. These are the privileges of having an online job.
While surfing the net, my first realization is that a medical transcription job would be fine for me. First of all, because it is in demand nowadays, schools for medical transcription abound, and you could opt to study online. Online jobs for medical transcription also thrive. I searched for suitable schools of medical transcription. I studied and is about to be completed. I learned about this from While studying, I often surf the net for medical terms and procedures. I stumbled upon a lot of advertisements and sites about online jobs. I realized that, I have other online job options other than medical transcription. I also learned about it from postings, forums, and chats. Friends I made from forums and chats helped me realize this simple dream. They taught me the ins and outs of working online.
I even started to work for some of them. They gave me honest feedback that helped significantly in improving my craft. I discovered certain talents of mine that complemented my existing repertoire of valuable skills for online jobs. I think I did well with research jobs, data mining jobs, copywriting and data entry jobs. Copywriting or writing short articles especially those that encompasses my interests is sort of an outlet for me. A form of self-expression that is very much fulfilled whenever appreciated. Hence, I always seek feedback whether good or bad. Good feedback fuels my enthusiasm to write a lot more. Bad or constructive feedback gives me a chance to improve my craft.
I like researching, data mining or data gathering jobs. I learn a lot of new things when doing research. It broadens my knowledge and understanding. Data entry jobs are simply mechanical jobs in nature. Not much creativity involved. Most of the time monotonous and requires a lot of discipline. Data must be accurate and work must be done fast. There are other online jobs like sales. Online academic tutors teaching math, science and others. Online language tutors like English language for Koreans. Virtual assistants that could send memos, correspondence, prepare presentations transcribe dictations and others. The list goes on.

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